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About Hawai

Anjaw district is a new district in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and the headquarters of this new district lies in the town of Hawai. The word ‘Hawai’ is derived from Kaman Mishmi dialect wherein ‘Hawai’ means pond. The town of Hawai is primarily inhabited by the Mishmi tribe.

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About Hawai

The town ‘Hawai’ came into existence in the year 2004 along with seven other administrative units under the newly formed district ‘Anjaw’.

Geography of Hawai

Located on the banks of the river Lohit, Hawai stands at an altitude of 1296 meters from sea level. The tributary of river Brahmaputra, rive Lohit flows alongside the ton parallel. It is at a distance of around 58 kms. south-east of Hayuliang by road and on the left side of the river Lohit.

Services and Utilities in Hawai

Hawai is a small town in Arunachal Pradesh which is located in the Anjaw district and is still undergoing a lot of developments. Being a town under a district which was recently formed, Hawai still has to undego a lot of advancement stages. Provided with different types of services from the government as well as private organizations, Hawai runs peacefully and efficiently with a proper administration and the basic requirements for a society.

Tourism in Hawai

A small town in the newly formed Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh, Hawai has many places nearby which has breath taking landscapes. This town is famous for its ethereal village tourism. The villages that exists in and around the town are some places worth visiting and cherishing.


At a distance of around 60 kms. from Hawai, Hayuliang is a town which means ‘the place of my liquor’ in Mishmi language. It is at an altitud of 750 meters above sea level and has a scene most enjoyable. The confluence of the Dalai and the lohit rivers can be seen from here and the scene is mesmerizing. It is a place visited by tourists primarily for its serene nature.


At a distance of 107 kms. from hawai, Chaglogam is another picturesque location by the river Dalai. Nature lovers would love the place for it is on of the best places in Arunachal Pradesh to go for trekking and other adventure activities. The locals of the place are the  Mishmis which is a very hospitable tribe.

Tourism in Hawai


Meaning ‘a place full of bamboos’, Walong is at an altitude of 1094 meters above sea level and is a place with utmost tourism potential. It has historic significance due to the fact that the Indians fought against the Chinese invaders in the year 1962 in this place itself. With some spectacular landscape, walong is a town near Hawai worth visiting.

Tourism in Hawai

Other villages near Hawai where one can go and have the best of Mother Nature are Dong and Kibithoo. There are some hot springs in and around Kibithoo where people love to take a dip to feel the warmth of the hot water amongst the chilly weather. Arunachal Pradesh, which is a state of natural beauty and serenity, has some towns and villages which in itself are so gifted by nature that it needs no other monuments or heritage sites for tourism purpose. The natural beauty alone does its fair share of tourist attraction.

Transport Services in Hawai

Hawai is an accessible town for tourists and locals. It can be reached by road by various modes.

Transport Services in Hawai

By Road:
Hawai in Arunachal Pradesh can be reached via road from Guwahati and Tezpur in Assam. Road communication has improved a lot in recent times in Arunachal Pradesh. Buses and private vehicles are easily available to and from Hawai.

A 2000 kms. long highway has been proposed to go through the district and which is supposed to intersect at the East-West Industrial Corridor Highway thus increasing the accessibility to the road communication in the district, thus the town.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station from Hawai is the Tezpur Railway station at a distance of 647 kms.

By Air:
The nearest airport from Hawai is at Dibrugarh in Assam which is at a distance of 340 kms.